“Life is, in itself and forever, shipwreck.  To be shipwrecked is not to drown.  The poor human being, feeling himself sinking into the abyss, moves his arms to keep afloat.  This movement of the arms, which is his reaction against his own destruction, is culture-a swimming stroke.  I am a certain absolutely individual pressure upon the world: the world is the no less definite and individual resistance to that pressure.”  Jose’ Ortega Y Gasset

This group of images, taken in many regions of the world over the last 25 years, address the condition of “Shipwreck”.  The images suggest many different relationships with this term: order that has fallen into disarray, the human presence out of sync with it’s surroundings, imbalance between nature and culture, and at times, a spirited stance against the process of entropy.  The photograph provides evidence that allows one to linger within these dilemmas, as if the occasion were sealed in wax and presented endlessly as a current document.