"BLUE SKIES"    (2012)

Photography, the most indexical of media in its relation to the actual event or referent, is here seen to fail.  I was interested not in the faithful reproduction qualities of the photograph, but in the slippage that always occurs, how it fails to coincide with the event it stands in for.  In a semiotic turn of events, a duality of meaning flickers between subject and object. 


The images slip further and further into the distance, paralleling the experience of being in the world.  In Toward Middle Gray, images of land, sky, and water transition into one another - both sides present similar images that converge into the middle.  The middle image, being a field of neutral gray, has no identity in place or denotative reference, and therefore lies outside of photographic representation.  It slips behind or beneath the images that lie on either side; being a space (a lack, by some definition) rather than a place.  In this sense it forms a rupture within the pictorial flow, yet it is composed of the same material (gray).